Transportation can be summed up basically. It implies having the correct things in the correct spots under the correct circumstances. 

Palmer Law's profound experience in cases dealing with transportation accidents will disclose to you that it additionally has legal advisors who are effectively associated with the transportation business - legal advisors who know them, their organizations and their issues. 

These include: 

  • Engine, rail, air, water and traveler transporters
  • Coordinations suppliers
  • Exchange affiliations
  • Private administrators
  • Shippers 

Our clients come in all shapes and sizes. They extend from little, family-run operations to huge, secretly held and freely possessed and exchanged North American transportation concerns.

Transportation organizations benefit from our long periods of direct industry encounter, including: 

  • Point of reference setting prosecution, including mishap barrier, cargo assert debate, work and staff renting issues, obligation negligence activities and protection scope issues.
  • Well-being reviews and grumbling procedures with the United States Department of Transportation, Federal Aeronautics Administration, and Public Service Commission.
  • Difficulties to state and nearby administrative directions of interstate trade.
  • Activities asserting infringement of nearby and state expressway controls, including truck weight issues. 
  • Administrative applications for the Federal Highway Administration and Michigan Public Service Commission.
  • Administrative examination, help and declaration.
  • Duty charge question against administrative units.

We speak to these engine bearers in courts all through the state, winning the body of evidence against the state, which is attested by the court of requests.

Transportation is an industry where time is cash. It makes perfect sense to have a law office that offers 'in the nick of time' arrangements, accompanied by long stretches of direct experience, the most recent innovation and sensible costs.

Let's communicate about your transportation accident today, and start to acquiring the justice you deserve.